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Ransomware – Bad time to find out if your backups are working

We get to hear and sometimes help companies live through nightmare scenarios.  The one that we see repeatedly of late is a threat that is no longer new, but always changing.  That is Ransomware.  Don't know what that is?  Lucky you.  Most companies get to learn about this the hard way when they get infected.  Ransomware is a malicious program that gets onto your computers and unknown to you starts encrypting your files so that you can no longer read them.  It typically only encrypts the real data files, so your Word Docs, PDFs, QuickBooks files, etc.  Then it also writes a few files to each folder that it infects with directions on how to send the writers of the Ransomware money in the form of Bitcoins to get the decryption key so you can get your data back.  Most antivirus software cannot keep up with all of the new variants, so if that is your safeguard, you will be disappointed when you get infected.  So you only have two options.  1. Pay the ransom.  2. Restore from backup.  Don't have a backup?  Don't have a good backup?  Then you only have one recourse.  Pay the ransom and hope that you get the key to restore your files.  The good news here is that the ransom is usually only in the hundreds of dollars and the other good news is that most of the crooks trying to get you to pay them actually give you the key once you pay up.  If you ever need to pay in bitcoins, you can register at this site:

In full disclosure, if you register with this link both you and I get $10 in bitcoins.

If you cannot go for option 2 or don't know if you can depend on your backups, then you should contact us.  We have several solutions available depending on your needs and our managed backup solution is set it and forget it for you.  If you ever have this happen to you, we will work with you to restore your data.  For Free.  Want to know more, check out our webpage here:

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