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We offer expertise in Network Services, IT Consulting and Computer Support serving businesses in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham and Research Triangle Park

Having 5 to 50 workstations is common with our typical customer. They provide professional business services that depend heavily on e-mail, the Internet, and their computer network for operating their businesses. Consequently, companies in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, Research Triangle Park, Pittsboro, Sanford and Greensboro give us their trust to install and support the computer and technology systems that run their entire businesses.

We find that we are most effective when we work with clients who:

  • Seek a partner in technology that will act as a trusted advisor to help them be more profitable and productive through highly effective network IT support.
  • Settle for nothing less than reliability and security with their IT Support Services for their company's computer networks.
  • Are committed to investing in technology to improve communication and do away with manual tasks in their Communication Network Infrastructure.
  • Understand technology to be a valuable tool to increase productivity and help move ahead of the competition.

Don't just listen to us!

Our clients have this to say . . .

“As one of the very first customers of Palladium Networks, Inc., I have truly had a chance to grow my business along side Rob Downs. Rob is a very genuine business owner that understands the real value in going above and beyond the call of duty for his clients. Since day one Palladium Networks has been there in encouragement of compelling my business to its true potential. I have an unfaltering confidence in the work that is performed by Rob and his team of technicians; as my experiences with Palladium Networks have been more valuable than words can justify. The technicians at PNI are not only vastly accomplished in the field in which they work; they also complete their responsibilities in a timely manner and with exceptional quality that constantly continues to exceed my expectations. I’ve never had a need for a second glance at an invoice from Rob, since I know that the work I received is beyond measure in quality. My certainties in the abilities of Rob and his team come from knowing that when I call in any time of need, Palladium Networks is there to resolve all of my IT issues.”

Joey Strong
President & CEO
Spotless Clean & Carpet Care

“PNI (Palladium Networks, Inc.) has been a trusted and reliable business partner for HCW Employee Benefit Services since 2002. During this time, we have found that Rob does not simply deliver technology for technology sake, but he delivers IT solutions to help resolve the business issues we have faced. As we have grown from 5 employees to over 40 employees in a very dynamic industry, PNI has demonstrated their creativity and created value for our company. They have become an integral part of our success.”

Todd Yates
Managing Partner
HCW Employee Benefit Services

“When Rob first came out to help us in 2002, our ‘network’ was 1 working computer and a room full of donated computers that we didn’t even know whether they worked or not. He managed to put together 5 working computers from what was in that room and just in time, since the one that had been working finally gave out! After that he created our first network to tie them all together. Over the years, Palladium Networks donated our first server and acquired the proper software (from Tech Soup), giving us Exchange for email, a central place for our files, and a place to back up our data. In 2008, they helped implement and install equipment donated from Cisco and IBM including a great network, an IP phone system, and server cluster. They have also helped us craft policies, procedures, and practices to support our growing infrastructure. Carolina Tiger Rescue is fortunate. Most nonprofits our size don’t have half the IT structure in place that we do and that is thanks to Palladium Networks! Palladium Networks continues to help us maintain our systems and plan for our future.”

Pam Fulk
Executive Director
Carolina Tiger Rescue

“Palladium Networks simplified our IT environment, improved our functionality and stability, and helped us reduce costs significantly. Following his thorough assessment of our environment and our objectives, Rob Dow provided us with a proposal that amazed us in its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. He pruned breakdown-prone servers that were sources of enormous stress and expense. He helped us scale our IT environment to our business processes by moving us into the cloud. As a consequence, our IT overhead has been drastically reduced, and even better, our downtime is virtually nil. Hard to say which has a bigger impact on our well-being. The only down side is that we never see Rob anymore.
One word for Palladium… Genius. Can’t recommend Palladium Networks highly enough for small business people watching overhead carefully and looking to reduce their IT downtime.”

Kathleen Williams
Practice Manager
Michael Sharp,MD,PA

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