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Most people are familiar with the Cloud today...its where we store the photos from our phone, our music, and maybe even some documents.

But many small businesses are still doing things the way they always have...with desktop computers and servers....for the simple reason of it's worked so far, why change it? Besides, there's the ever present concern of cybersecurity when dealing with the internet.
However change is coming, many line of business applications are now moving to being web based (yep, in the cloud). Even the way people work, both in and out of the office, is driving change. The key is to work with a company that knows how to help you find the combination that works for you AND keeps you safe.

Did you know that done right, cloud computing could...

  • cut your IT costs by as much as half
  • give you automated disaster recovery AND
  • let you do your work on any device from anywhere you have Internet connectivity because your documents, spreadsheets and the like are no longer tied to one computer?

Here are a few reasons it might be the right time to learn know more about what Cloud Computing can do for your business:

  • You'd rather not write a big check for new desktops, servers, software licenses and support
  • You have a remote workforce or you like to work remotely yourself and would like greater freedom and ease when connecting to the company network
  • You staff multiple offices/locations that need to work on the same documents or same line of business applications
  • You want to be able to use various devices to connect to your desktops and e-mail while still keeping hackers out.
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What You Need To Know About Moving To The Cloud