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IT Buyers Guide


The Triangle Business Owners Guide To IT Support Services And Fees

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Are you scared that a computer virus, ransomware, or a hacker might put you out of business? From strategic network defense planning to urgent incident response, we have the expertise to help you counteract cyber criminals.

Managed IT Services

Is your technology unreliable and slow? Our services include proactive monitoring, 24/7 support, security, and software updates to maximize the uptime of your servers, desktops and devices for a fixed monthly cost.

Business Continuity

If disaster were to strike your business today, would you be able to survive it? Our disaster recovery solutions give you the power to stop worrying about your irreplaceable business data and focus on running your business.

Cloud Computing Services

What if you could outsource all the stress your technology creates and enjoy only the benefits? With our Cloud services, you’ll never have to worry about the management, maintenance or equipment that keeps your business-critical applications running smoothly.

7 Big Reasons to Choose Managed IT Solutions to Support Your Computer Network


We Guarantee a One Hour Response. Our professional technicians will answer your computer IT support problem without delay or it will be returned by an expert technician within 60 minutes or less. The work is free if we don't get back to you in that one hour time frame.


Pronto Repair. It's understood, you don't want to sit on your hands waiting for your computer to be fixed. That’s where our IT support and computer network support services come in. Through this network support and IT service, your computer data network can be accessed remotely and securely. And if not, we'll send a technician that very same day.


No Technical Jargon. Your computer support and maintenance questions will be answered clearly. Don't worry - there is no "geek speak" by our team of IT support technicians.


100% Unconditional Satisfaction is Yours - We Guarantee It. Our IT consulting and technology support services will give you the satisfaction you deserve. We will bend over backwards to make you happy with our IT management & network support services.


No Disasters Waiting in the Wings. You can plan on no damage being done to your network and data. We will let you know of any potential risks upon evaluation of your computer problem as part of our computer maintenance services. All potential risks will be described in detail and your authorization and agreement will be obtained before work begins. Having your files and data backed up beforehand is another way to go.


Every Project Completed With Strict Accordance to Budget and Time Schedule. We won't surprise you with added or hidden charges as we perform IT consulting and network services. Believe it or not, there are some incompetent and unethical technicians out there, but not us. Of course, that's just not right. You have our guarantee for each IT consulting project to be completed ON TIME and within BUDGET.


Expect Accuracy With Our Billing. Every invoice from us is spelled out in detail and completely accurate. We guarantee it. There will be no billing surprises since your IT management services bill will be pre-approved by you.

See What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Us…

They have become an integral part of our success.

Managed IT Solutions has been a trusted and reliable business partner for HCW Employee Benefit Services since 2002. During this time, we have found that Rob does not simply deliver technology for technology sake, but he delivers IT solutions to help resolve the business issues we have faced. As we have grown from 5 employees to over 40 employees in a very dynamic industry, MITS has demonstrated their creativity and created value for our company. They have become an integral part of our success.”

Todd Y. Todd Y.

Managed IT Solutions is there to resolve all of my IT issues.

As one of the very first customers of Managed IT Solutions, I have truly had a chance to grow my business along side Rob Downs. Rob is a very genuine business owner that understands the real value in going above and beyond the call of duty for his clients. Since day one MITS has been there in encouragement of compelling my business to its true potential. I have an unfaltering confidence in the work that is performed by Rob and his team of technicians; as my experiences with Managed IT Solutions have been more valuable than words can justify.

Joey S. Joey S.

Hooked on Proactive

Time is money and very important to me. When you have multiple office personnel and the system goes down, you get hit not only with the cost of repair, but also the cost of downtime. With Managed IT Solutions' monitoring service, they oftentimes know before I do when there's a problem with my network and proactively resolve it before it escalates and impacts my bottom line. I receive monthly reports which update me on issues resolved in the background which could've disrupted my day-to-day functions, had they not been detected. When we do have to call, we always get a quick response and resolution. To me, the benefits we reap from retaining Managed IT Solutions as our IT firm are a key consideration in our monthly budget. I know we aren't the only customer they manage, but it feels like it, because we get such great support when we need it!

Scott R. Scott R.

About Managed IT Solutions

MITS opened its doors, originally as Palladium Networks, over 21 years ago on the premise that the happiness and satisfaction of our clients should be our priority. Rob Downs has worked in computer and networking support for various companies since 1995. While with these companies, he noticed as the “problem clients” were sent his way, he was able to resolve their issues and get them quickly running again. As he continued to see the dismissal of clients less worthy of the front running positions in the companies of his former proprietors, Rob began Palladium Networks as a means of servicing any business that required excellent IT support. His services still remain unrivaled to his employment predecessors. As MITS has grown and endearingly expanded our clientele base, we continue and will always continue to put customer support first.

By leveraging the expertise of our IT industry technicians, we are able to not only make your computers and networks run at the peak of performance but also save your company and staff from wasted time. Even more importantly we help organizations develop and plan long term IT strategies that will grow with your company, while saving you from the headache of emergency situations, and the costs that can follow.

IT Buyers Guide


The Triangle Business Owners Guide To IT Support Services And Fees